Food, shops and pet stores

Posted by: Maddison, Natalie, Ashton and Micha | Date Posted: 24.9.14

Maddison: My favourite place is Rundle Mall cause I like the shopping. My favourite shop is MCL, it’s a clothing shop.

Natalie: My favourite place is probably McDonalds, the one in the food court on Rundle Mall. I usually go there with my sister and friends to meet and hang out. I then take the bus home. The public transport is good, but sometimes it can be late.

Ashton: Amart Sport is my favourite place. My favourite sport is soccer and my team is Tottenham Hotspur.

I play soccer for school. Today was my last game and we won 9-1.

I also like the pet stores in the city.

Micha: I like the pet stores too, my favourite pet is the bunny rabbit. I like the white ones.