New to the food truck scene

Posted by: Sam | Date Posted: 24.9.14

I've always wanted to own a cafe, but being a mum it just allows me to work alternate weekends and when it suits me.

The Little Cake Tin gives me and Rosalie, my partner, a bit of diversity. We have young kids so we can still be home during the week. We do alternate weekends and choose functions that work around our children’s lifestyle.

At the moment the kids are too young to start up a ‘bricks and mortar’ business.

We love baking so it gives us an opportunity to do what we love, but not have to be there 9 - 5 every day.

Council has been really good to us; especially because we don’t work during the day so we started getting a 10 day permit to try it out at first. And Council emails us with other opportunities. Through the Splash program we have a great partnership.

At night some of the food trucks get together to have a drink and discuss how we are all going. It’s a really nice community. As we are new and don’t do it a lot, everyone is very helpful.

My favourite place in the city is Rundle Mall and Rundle Street, because I love shops. I love shopping, and because of the cafes.

I think the new Mall needs a bit of greenery, it looks a little too sterile. But I like the inside/outside feel of going from shop to shop.