Sandpits, and paper to draw on.

Posted by: Ruby and Ella | Date Posted: 24.9.14

Ruby, tell me about what you like to do?

Ruby: I like digging.

Where do you go digging?

Ruby: Sandpits.

And do you go to any playgrounds in the city?

Ruby: Yeah.

Dad: Your favourite is the one on South Terrace, isn't it? It's got a flying fox and you love the flying fox don't you?

I also go on the swings.

My sister likes going to the beach.

Ella: Our Dadda works in the city and sometimes we come and visit him. His work has a smart board and we can draw on it.

If you had a million dollars and could design a place for kids in the city, what would it have?

Ella: It would need to have paper and paint to draw. If it was a playground, it would need a flying fox and a sandpit.