Stencil Art Project: Meet the Artist

Posted By: Picture Adelaide team
Date Posted: 26.11.14
Image courtesy of Fletch Cuts
Fletch Cuts (small)

Fletch Cuts, 36, has always been actively involved in projects happening in the city, especially the city’s south.

While known for painting striking portraits of locals, he recently coordinated a large scale street art project in Field Street, involving 10 artists and city south residents.

“The work was a sea of blue,” said Fletch, “with Angelakis Bros. at the end of the street, all the stencils were fish and sea related.”

The self-taught artist specialises in mixed mediums, predominately brush work with acrylic paints and oils, but also sprays and pastels.

Fletch will draw inspiration for the commissioned stencil art project from more than 1000 stories shared via the Picture Adelaide website throughout September and October this year.

“There was one particular story, I forget the man’s name, but it was about him taking his young son on bike rides throughout the city and the Park Lands and it just filled me with joy and a lot of pride for my city, that’s it is accessible.

“He’ll remember that for years to come,” said Fletch.

The stencil art project is one of seven community rewards released during the 30 day campaign, with more than 300 people nominating their story submission go towards creating more stencil art across the city.

“I think in any town it’s a struggle to hear the individual’s voice and this [project] has given people a voice and a predominantly positive voice; with people choosing to talk about the things they like and places they like in the city.

“That’s enriching to the way we see the city,” he said.

Fletch hopes his stencils will remind people of what they love about Adelaide and how they interact with the places the artwork is located.

“It’s a beautiful thing that art is the medium and the conduit for expressing people’s love for the city,” he said.

“Some of my favourite pieces are ones that I’ve done of locals and people that I know, because of the reactions that I get.”

The stencils are expected to be painted before the end of the year.

(Don’t worry, we will be taking plenty of photos and sharing the locations of Fletch’s artwork on the blog and through social media.)

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Did you know?

The Field Street art project is more than 50 metres long and took one full day to complete.

You can watch Fletch at work with the city south community, painting Field Street earlier this year.