What We Heard

Posted By: Picture Adelaide team
Date Posted: 16.7.15
Picture Adelaide Closeout

Here we are.

Over the last 12 months you told us what you love about the city, you told us about what challenges we face, you told us about opportunities in the future. You met with us, you discussed topics online, and you chatted to us in the street.


All of this was so that we could capture how you, Adelaide, see the city moving forward to the year 2040.

And here it is, for you to download, read and share...

Picture Adelaide 2040 - What We Heard (PDF, 750KB)

So what happens from here? Well this document, everything you told us, will be used as a reference point for Adelaide City Council's future plans for the city. Everything from retail to housing to transport; you've helped to make your mark.

It's been a fantastic journey so far with you, but the exciting part is only just beginning.

Thank you,
Picture Adelaide 2040 Team

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