Round Two Data Released: Exploring Sentiment and Place

Posted By: Picture Adelaide team
Date Posted: 19.12.14
Most common WORDS - word cloud

More than anything else, your 1000+ stories have told us ‘people’ are at the heart of what makes a place special. Up to 30 per cent of stories talked about people in relation to their favourite place.

People are intrinsic to the atmosphere of a place whether it is the buzz they create, or their attraction to quiet places.

The word ‘time’ was used in more than 20 per cent of stories, providing greater insight in the routines, rituals and lifestyles of our story contributors.

‘Time’ was often associated with memories and nostalgia. People told us how they remember or still use a particular place, or how their favourite place hasn’t changed.

Other sentiments referred to seasonal changes, how things have improved over time, or the frequency people love to visit their favourite places.

Similarly, the word ‘year’ was used in 20 per cent of stories, often in relation to significant milestones and indicators of how a place became part of the contributor's life story.

Your 1000+ stories highlighted a huge appreciation for the simple beauty of the city; it’s beautiful buildings and boulevards, Park Lands and gardens.

The word ‘beauty’ or ‘beautiful’ was cited in more than 20 per cent of stories; most often in relation to Adelaide’s green open spaces, grassed areas, landscaping, and early architecture.

We heard views on how Adelaide’s rich environment could be further enhanced, as well as the current opportunities for people to escape the hustle and bustle, find refuge, or gather with family and friends.

A key theme that emerged from your 1000+ stories was the value people placed on being able to access areas of interest on foot.

‘Walk’ was the fifth most commonly used word to describe a place.

Almost 20 per cent of people used the word ‘walk’ or ‘walking’ when telling us about their favourite place in Adelaide.

We frequently heard about the nature of your community, with references to the city being made up of a number of small villages or districts, each with their own unique identity.

We observed a great appreciation for cultural diversity and the importance of places that provide opportunities for human interaction, such as socialising with 'friends' and family.

We were overwhelmed by the number of deeply personal stories expressing attachment to places because they held memories of special occasions with special people, including your first dates, proposals, birthdays and weddings.

People love to shop in the city, with 18 per cent of storytellers identifying ‘shopping’ as one of the ways they enjoy the city.

When it came to their favourite place, we heard how people love the variety, atmosphere, and proximity of shops in Adelaide.

In 17 per cent of stories, people talked about what it was like to ‘live’ in Adelaide.

These stories were consistently positive, confirming Adelaide’s ranking as the fifth most liveable city in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit Global Liveability Report, 2014.

Equally, 17 per cent of storytellers said ‘food’ was integral to their favourite place in Adelaide.

We know you love fresh, reasonably priced, quality produce and the multicultural influence in our local food offering, whether it’s pub fare, cafe food, food trucks or a bite at your favourite entertainment venue.

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