Building a City full of rich experiences

Posted By: Picture Adelaide team
Date Posted: 8.3.16
City of Adelaide 2016 - 2020 Strategic Plan
CoA Strategic Plan website

The day has arrived. The draft version of the City of Adelaide 2016 – 2020 Strategic Plan is now open for comment.

Through Picture Adelaide 2040, you were kind enough to give us your view of Adelaide’s future and from this we have crafted a new vision for the City:

'Adelaide is a smart, green, liveable, boutique city full of rich experiences.'

You told us Adelaide must grow to have a strong future. You also told us this can’t be ‘growth at all costs.’ We want to grow and attract more people to our city, but we know that we must also keep and enhance the things you already love.

When you read through our draft Strategic Plan, you will notice we have placed an emphasis on delivering four themes:

  • Smart
  • Green
  • Liveable
  • Creative

These four themes outline areas of attention. Each theme has measurable objectives and deliverable actions for the City. These will be achieved by working closely with our partners and community over the next four years.

So now the important part - it's your chance to give your feedback on our vision and the draft Strategic Plan. It is now in your hands – and we can't wait to hear your feedback.

Have Your Say on the City of Adelaide 2016 - 2020 Strategic Plan

Thank you,
Picture Adelaide 2040 Team

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