Help Us Shape The Adelaide of 2040

Posted By: Picture Adelaide team
Date Posted: 10.3.15
Picture Adelaide Stage 3

Stage 3 of Picture Adelaide 2040 is launching on March 11, and it’s a chance for you to help us shape the Adelaide of 2040.

For anyone who’s ever had a vision, an idea or just an opinion about how the City could change and grow, this is the perfect time to get involved.

So how can you get involved?

1. Ward Forums

We will be hosting three Ward Forums for you to come along and discuss your ideas for Adelaide’s future with locals, leaders and your elected Council:

  • North Forum. Monday March 23, 2015
    North Adelaide Community Centre. 3.30pm - 5.30pm
  • South Forum. Monday March 30, 2015
    South West Community Centre. 5.30pm - 7.30pm
  • Central Forum. Thursday April 23, 2015
    Adelaide Town Hall, Queen Adelaide Room. 5.30pm - 7.30pm

2. Online Forums

From March 11 you’ll be able to have your say online and engage with locals and experts about the big issues facing the City’s future and the themes that emerged from the first two stages of Picture Adelaide 2040.

3. Host Your Own

If you can’t make the Ward Forums, or you’d just prefer to do things your own way, you can also  Host Your Own Discussion forum with family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours, your local network – anyone! We’ll supply the tools you need to plan and host your own forum. It could be as easy as a get-together at the local pub or a dinner at someone’s house. Keep us posted on what you discuss and we’ll include it in our data.

Sharing and discussing your thoughts and vision will help inform the development of major plans for the City. Planning 25 years ahead provides the opportunity to think big and be bold in our ambitions.

To get a head start on what’s going to be discussed, check out the Themes and Questions paper. The Paper reflects current thinking and what we've heard so far.

If you've got any questions, just email

We can't wait for you to join us on this journey into Adelaide's future!

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