Picture Adelaide 2040 has now concluded.

Here’s what we found:

stage 1

Storytelling and analysis

With your help, we captured 1000+ stories of Adelaide in 30 days!

Your stories told us so much about the City and Park Lands; why you care about these places and the lifestyle you value.

From a story slam to stencil art - we also had a great time organising some fun rewards around the city. Find out more about the background of Picture Adelaide.

stage 2

What could the future look like?

We delved deeper into the themes and sentiments attached to your stories and asked the question: What could the future look like in 2040?

We identified the possibilities for Adelaide in 2040: the changes you want to see and who we need to make this happen - and we presented this to the newly elected Council.

Visit the Picture Adelaide blog to read what we have learnt so far.

stage 3

Discussing the big ideas

Picture Adelaide 2040 continued the conversation by inviting everyone to come together both online and in person to discuss the ideas, opportunities and challenges facing Adelaide over the next 25 years.

We analysed the data from all of our engagement, and produced the final document:

Picture Adelaide 2040 - What We Heard

Building a City full of rich experiences

The day has arrived. The draft version of the City of Adelaide 2016 – 2020 Strategic Plan is now open for comment.